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Accurate actionable analysis

Our reports can be tailored for the C suite or the line manager but they have certain common elements:
We are a business and so are you. Every report delivers actionable intelligence on which you can make decisions that will enhance the value of your business.
Time is money so we deliver fast, accurate and detailed reports to a schedule that works for you.
Our information is ahead of anything you will read in the media. Our reporting is based on our network and our personal knowledge and assessment not of what has happened in the past but what will happen in the future.
The Strategy Play
If you are considering a major initiative in the stem cell arena, this is for you. We have a wealth of depth in many of the different verticals that comprise the multi-billion dollar stem cell business, from treatments for a wide variety of diseases to cosmetics, anti-aging and the latest in medical facilities or new opportunities that are available in medical tourism. Depending on your interesting and ambitions, the reports will be prepared specifically for you with a recognition of your competitive landscape, a deep understanding of the risks and the potential reward. Of course, all our client relationships are completely confidential.
Bids and Deals
A specific opportunity exists or perhaps one of your investment or divisions is a target for of unsolicited bid. You want to know if the deal makes sense, why and just what might be sacrificed or gained in the process. This analysis is for you. We will tell you the risks and potential rewards and make clear recommendations on which you or your Board can choose to act.
Eyes and Ears
We are on the ground across the world 24/7 seeking opportunities, finding deals and acting as an early warning system for our clients. You'll want to benefit from our intelligence network that will give you early warning of things that will be of specific concern to you. And you'll hear it first, weeks and months ahead of your competition.