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Steven Marshank

Steve Marshank has been working as an entrepreneur in health care with a focus on stem cells for the past five years. He has a forty-year background in worldwide entrepreneurial enterprises and consulting. He has been working in the US and Asia for decades and for the past five years in the burgeoning stem cell industry. He has developed a wide reaching network of relationships with companies, medical professionals, scientists, industry organizations and business leaders that support his experience and can inform and support business that has the vision, courage and leadership to own a piece of industry.

Early in his career, Steve managed Fanny, the first all female rock band signed to a major label and was involved with other media projects in an investment capacity as well as being one of the founders of the critically acclaimed and award winning magazine, LA Style. Steve founded ClubHGH, an online Canadian based company that imported generic drugs from overseas that sold directly to clinics, doctors and patients in 15 countries.

In 2007, Steve became a principal in a joint venture with Beike Biotechnology, the world’s leading supplier of stem cells to hospitals for medical therapy (translational medicine). Steve became the Director of International Development for Beike Holdings, the joint venture company that was formed for all business outside China. For nearly five years, Steve gathered market intelligence through attending worldwide conferences, touring hospitals where stem cell therapy was being administered, and meeting with many dozens of doctors and researchers. With that background Steve has been advising other entrepreneurs for the past two years.

During these past five years Steve has toured the globe attending important stem cell conferences including annual World Stem Cell Summits. He is a member of the Stem Cell Research Group, Advances in Stem Cell Discoveries Society, Regenerative Medicine Foundation and the Cell Therapy Industry Group.